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Dormeo is the leading sleep brand in Central & Eastern Europe.

It launched in 2002 as a single mattress, and is now a sleep and lifestyle brand with over 100 different items. Dormeo products can be found in more than 30 countries around the world.


The Dormeo story started with just a single memory foam mattress. Making Dormeo in Italy we found that we could make great quality memory foam mattresses packed with innovative features at a price cheaper than many traditional mattresses.

Key to Dormeo’s success has been our ability to apply our global expertise to a local scale. In each country, we rely on our local business partners to provide our customers with the highest-quality services, with a proactive, caring and engaged attitude.

Dormeo's Multi-Channel Sales Strategy

Using a mixture of brand and direct response marketing, Dormeo developed a multi-channel brand strategy incorporating many different sales channels. This combination of sales channels allows Dormeo the ability to specifically tailor sales strategies based on specific customer needs and characteristics.

We believe in sharing our knowledge and tools with our customers. If you choose to become retail partners with Dormeo there are many ways we can help you achieve significant sales.Localised Dormeo websites as part of the multi-channel mix generate 30% of sales. We can provide customers with a complete Dormeo website as well as product micro-sites to drive significant sales through the web. To view an example of a local Dormeo webstore, click here.

Retail & Wholesale

At present we are active in over 3000 retail stores, working with some of the most influential retailers throughout CEE (Metro, Carrefour, Auchan, Spar, Merkator, Delta). We offer excellent sales per m2 due to the fact that Dormeo mattresses come vacuum-packed and have significantly smaller footprints than competitor products. We also offer in-store video screens, we have short delivery cycles, offer excellent product support to our customers, can customise our offers based on each customers line of business and customers. Our Point of sale materials are designed to maximise the use of space and the location of the product.

Customer Service Centers

Our many years of international experience selling Dormeo means we can provide expert training for your call center agents. Customer service expertise runs from pre-sales customer consultancy, to order processing and complete post-sales customer service management, including outbound sales calls to generate repeat custom.

Become a Retail Partner/Distributor

If you are a retailer, direct-to-consumer TV company, catalogue company, e-commerce company or wholesaler and are interested in finding out more about selling Dormeo, please contact us.

We believe in sharing our knowledge and tools with our customers. If you choose to partner with Dormeo we will be there with you, every step of the way.

For information please contact us:

Top Shop International
Via Ferruccio Pelli 13
6900 Lugano

Dormeo International website: