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Overview of Our Company

Studio Moderna is the leading multi-channel e-commerce and direct to consumer platform in Central & Eastern Europe (CEE), Russia and Turkey.

Reaching a market of 400 million consumers across 21 countries, we are unrivalled in our ability to drive demand and sell popular branded products to consumers across Central & Eastern Europe (CEE) through our highly sophisticated, vertically integrated multi-channel sales, media, marketing and distribution platform.

We achieve this through our e-commerce and direct to consumer platform which includes homeshopping and direct response television, local websites, catalogs, our own retail stores, call center operations and via a vast network of retail & wholesale partners. With local offices in 21 different countries, the company boasts 5,500 employees.

  • 5000 products curated specifically for CEE consumers - our own proprietary brands and best-selling third party products.
  • Purpose-built logistics across the region – warehousing, sales, payment, delivery and support across 21 countries.
  • Robust delivery and fulfilment infrastructure – we fulfill 8.5m customer orders through a global network of suppliers and warehouses.

We have 130 transactional websites, 220+ retail stores, 22 call center locations, and 300+ hours of daily TV advertising airtime, 6 own TV channels, thousands of retail distributors, 15m+ catalogs, 70m+ calls handled annually. We also produce, create, invent and sell our own trusted and recognized brands and products around the world.

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