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Overview of Our Company

Studio Moderna is the leading multi-channel and direct to consumer electronic retailer with a vertically integrated network in Central & Eastern Europe (CEE).

Reaching a market of more than 300 million consumers across 20 countries, it is achieved through highly sophisticated, vertically integrated multi-channel sales, media, marketing and distribution platform which includes home-shopping and direct response television, local websites, catalogues, own retail stores, call centre operations and via a vast network of retail & wholesale partners.

While the company grown and diversified into many other different areas, the commitment to selling popular branded products, carefully nurturing and developing own proprietary brands in the fields of Home (Dormeo, Delimano, Rovus), Health & Beauty (Walkmaxx, Kosmodisk, Wellneo), Sport & Fitness (LiveActive) and Leisure (Bigfish) remains. Company trademarks and brands are important and valuable assets of the corporation. With local offices in 20 different countries, the company boasts 7,000+ employees.

  • 5000 products curated specifically for CEE consumers - our own proprietary brands and best-selling third party products.
  • Purpose-built logistics across the region – warehousing, sales, payment, delivery and support across 20 countries.
  • Robust delivery and fulfilment infrastructure – we fulfill 8.5m customer orders through a global network of suppliers and warehouses.

We have 130 transactional websites, 100+ Facebook pages, 230+ retail stores, 27 call center locations, and 370+ hours of daily TV advertising airtime, 3 own TV channels, thousands of retail distributors, 140+ loyalty programs with partners, 24m printed catalogues and 70m+ calls handled annually. We also produce, create, invent and sell our own trusted and recognized brands and products around the world.

Dormeo Kosmodisk Bigfish

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