Good night's sleep

Millions of people from all around the world have welcomed DORMEO®, leading sleep and living expert brand, into their most sacred place - their homes. One by one they have discovered the reasons why this company that in 2002 started with only one mattress has grown into a global, renowned and trusted brand. Today DORMEO® brand offers an array of high quality sleeping and living products: mattresses, toppers, pillows, duvets, beddings, living room items, bathroom accessories… and also expert advices, tips & tricks, sleeping solutions on how to sleep better, wake up rested and live fulfilled life. From the beginning we have sold over 30 million products and by so created as many great stories about good sleep, night after night, morning after morning.

Innovative and quality products for sleeping and living

DORMEO® brand uses the latest technologies to maximize the comfort experience and create the best sleep and living environment with our products. We believe every home should be a place you can return to after a long day and unwind or a place where you can feel Zen-like throughout the day. Therefore we work hard to bring healthy sleeping and living to every home, turning it into haven of peace and tranquility. We know that home is where the heart is.

Voice of those who sleep good

We give the voice to the people that are using DORMEO® products – satisfied customers that are real spokespeople, true ambassadors of DORMEO® brand vision and beliefs. Through sophisticated multichannel platform they are giving first-hand testimonials on how DORMEO® brand has changed their sleep and their lives.

Brand History

2002 – First foam mattress produced in Italy
2004/2005 - New categories introduced: toppers, pillows and living. First DORMEO® store opened in Ljubljana, Slovenia.
2007 – Development of first products with Memory foam.
2009/2010 - 15 mattress models in portfolio. Beginning of baby mattresses production. Starts selling DORMEO® products in United Kingdom.
2011 - Launch of Octaspring® technology and first mattress with Octaspring® springs. Introduction of the new category: DORMEO® Furniture.
2013 - New shop concept presented: DORMEO® Home store. Overall 300+ products in DORMEO® brand portfolio.
2016 – Over 5 million customers and DORMEO® is globally trusted brand present worldwide in 40+ countries: Central and Eastern Europe, United Kingdom, United States of America, Germany, Netherlands, Canada, Japan, Australia ...