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Our Sales Channels

Studio Moderna is a unique, integrated direct-selling network with coordinated multi-channel activities spanning 21 Central & Eastern European countries.

We are world-renowned experts at taking global concepts and adapting them to local marketplaces, generating volume sales and building trusted consumer brands.

Direct Response Television

Studio Moderna is the leading DRTV (Direct Response Television) player in CEE and is the ‘go-to’ company in this region for all the world’s largest DRTV product suppliers.


Internet is the fastest growing sales channel in CEE. Our internet department runs coordinated internet retailing activities across each country and incorporates 120 webstores.


We publish more than 200 print ads published every month and have excellent relationships with publishing houses. Print also covers mailings, inserts, flyers, special partnerships, and co-marketing activities.

Retail and Wholesale

Studio Moderna also reaches customers through physical retail stores, including our own branded retail stores and pan-CEE wholesale partner outlets.


Studio Moderna's Customer Contact Centres are located throughout our 22 Customer Management Centers across 20 different countries.