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Our Branded Retail Platforms

A large part of our business comes from the adaptation of global infomercials to suit our home markets, but we also have our own proprietary retail platforms.

These provide our customers with a credible and comfortable shopping experience, and allow us to present both our own proprietary brands as well as third party consumer product.

The enable us to offer customers grater choice and greater relevance of product. If you have products or brands and would like to access our multi-channel multi-territory selling network please contact us.

Topshop official logo

Top Shop is one of the largest multichannel retail brands in Central & Eastern Europe. Since its founding in 1996 it has grown rapidly and now comprises 5 live TV shopping channels, 21 transactional websites, 135 branded retail outlets selling popular branded goods.

A paid membership loyalty shopping club, that entitles members to the best prices on Studio Moderna products as well as many other special membership benefits.

Studio Moderna Fashion Group official logo

Studio Moderna Fashion Group is the fashion retail subsidiary of Studio Moderna, dedicated to bringing international fashion brands to customers across CEE via the Internet.

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