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Top Shop

Topshop official logo

Top Shop is one of the largest multichannel retail chains in Central & Eastern Europe.

Since its founding in 1996 it has grown rapidly and now comprises 5 live TV shopping channels, 21 transactional websites, 135 branded retail outlets selling popular branded goods.


Direct Response Television is a core part of TopShop’s activities. We currently have 24hour live homeshopping channels broadcasting 7 days a week in 5 different countries.

The concepts of our shows have developed over time and are constantly adapted to meet specific local needs and demands, but throughout this period TopShopTV has always prided itself in offering compelling merchandise, competitively priced, with attractive offers.


TopShop has webstores in 21 countries in local languages runned by local internet marketing experts. The core of the TopShop webstores is to serve as a information centre for DRTV products as well as support their sales activities with approximately 30 weekly e-mail campaigns across the region.

A new Topshop webstore is to be launched in fall 2011 to offer our visitors a more user friendly and optimized shopping enviroment.


We have a network of 135 branded Top Shop walk-in stores across 20 territories, which sell a blend of third party products and our own proprietary brands, such as Kosmodisk, Dormeo and Bigfish.

These stores reinforce the customer experience, enabling them to touch, feel and compare our products. Our retail network allows us to increase the credibility of these products and test them on the spot. By adding ‘bricks and mortar’ retail outlets to our network we have been able to reach those customers who may be resistant to distance selling, but who like to ‘try before they buy’.

Across CEE we also have a strong network of wholesale partners including Baumax, InterSpar, Helix, Mercator, Metro.

Find out about franchise opportunities

Bring Top Shop to your own home market, by merging your own business expertise and local knowledge with our internationally renowned multi-channel retail chain.
For more information about franchise opportunities please contact us here.