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Viva is a magazine for healthy living which has been informing the Slovenian public since 1994.

From the latest breakthroughs, innovations and achievements in medicine, and prevention and treatment of illness, to healthy dieting and weight loss, recreation and exercise, relationships, childrens' upbringing, ecology, care and beauty of the body to alternative approaches, the Viva magazine is about everything related to a healthy lifestyle.

For questions about the diagnosis, treatment or prevention of disease Viva has an exclusive Viva Doctor's Line, where over 60 eminent medical specialists give free advice and answers to our readers over the phone. The Viva magazine is well received and read by the Slovenian medical profession.

Moj Zdravnik

Viva also organizes various socially engaged campaigns, the most resounding campaign being 'Moj Zdravnik' (My Doctor), in which we seek the public's vote for the most eminent physicians in the country. This nationally-renowned competition has been running since 1995.

Viva online

The Viva web portal is the leading online resource for healthy lifestyle and well-being in Slovenia. We created it in order to offer even more comprehensive information in support of the printed version of the Viva magazine.

The portal offers lots of multimedia and interactive content to meet the needs of the increasingly demanding and aware modern consumer. There is a very active forum for exchanging opinions and experiences and the information on the portal is updated and refreshed on a daily basis.

In the 2010, the Viva website was awarded the Netko, a national award for the best media portal in Slovenia, by the Chamber of Economy in Slovenia.

To visit the Viva website please click here