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CentrSource is a hyper-local online solution for both online and in-store shopping. Its direct-to-consumer content delivery platform empowers sellers to engage motivated consumers through an open network of trusted media brands.

Consumer benefits

Free to use, this is a consumer's own fully-customizable shopping portal. The ‘live' search enables subscription to as many advertisers and categories as you wish, and allows you to choose how you wish to interact with them. Consumers can earn benefits while browsing with the Point$ loyalty scheme and advertisers contact you by By Invitation Only – nothing ever happens without your permission. The search portal is integrated with Social networking features that connect you with friends/groups. The consumer only receives current, geographically relevant offers.

Advertiser benefits

This is an advertising platform which is paid for solely on a cost-per-action basis. Our many options for content posting allow you to fully maximise and re-use all your advertising and marketing creative. Crucially it also enables you to advertise live, local offer, giving the consumer many different response options and refining targeting to the most granular levels. This is the cheapest and quickest fulfilment option. The Point$ loyalty scheme affords you even greater power in driving online and in-store traffic.

Ad Agency benefits

Same benefits as Advertiser. This is cost-per-action less discounts.It's also forum that enables you to pitch for new business. Use existing creative, and crucially allows you to boost income by becoming a CentrSource accredited service provider, building creative treatment as a trusted supplier to the CentrSource network.

Media / Community Partner benefits

This is the clever part. Becoming a Media/Community Partner enables organisations with large or specific audiences (such as radio & TV Stations, magazines, postal services, etc) to monetize their assets and audiences through their own co-branded CentrSource portal. This is a free turnkey service for media / community partners enabling a lifetime of revenue for each registered user –regardless of where they transact. CentrSource offers powerful and unique data-capturing capabilities, promotional packs to enable the partner to advertise the service, and content on your network will generate profit for you. You can use CentrSource to provide extra marketing power to your existing advertisers, and use CentrSource to recruit new ones.


CentrSource is currently operational in Canada, Slovenia, Hungary.

Visit the CentrSource website for more information.

CentrSource is a joint venture between Studio Moderna d.o.o. and Toronto-based Nexus Inc.