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Bigfish is an innovative new folding bike.

Bigfish folding bike is a unique and stylish new folding bike concept, incorporating a patented folding technology that makes it one of the simplest, most intuitive folding bikes anywhere.

Having introduced the first Bigfish bikes to the market in 2009, we relaunched it in 2013 with a brand new model, Bigfish Line, and a radically reinvented version of the original model, renamed Bigfish Wave. We will also introduce an e-bike in 2014 called Bigfish Line+.

The ergonomics and riding characteristics are similar to a full-sized bike. Bigfish's patent pending button system requires no set order of folding, and takes mere seconds to achieve. The folded bike can be pushed or pulled on the rear whell, no need for carrying arround. Check the video.

If you are interested in becoming a retail or distribution partner please contact us here.


Via Ferruccio Pelli 13
CH-6900 Lugano
Tel: +41 91 966 95 44
Fax: +41 91 966 95 46

Visit the Bigfish website for more information