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Our Multi-Channel Philosophy

Wherever the customer is, however they want to buy, our aim is to be there.

Our proprietary technologies handle complex cross-border logistics in multiple currencies and we are committed to offering a commerce platform that is unmatched anywhere in the world.

Studio Moderna's sophisticated operations offer unified scalable sourcing and production and country-specific sales, delivery and service.

We handle every single stage of the selling process: product selection, country localization, direct and indirect sales, third party selling, tele-sales, delivery and fulfilment and customer service.

We strive to not only bring our customers the best and most innovative products, but to back it up with the very best service.

We specialize in direct customer relationships, through:

  • 130 transactional websites
  • 300+ hours of daily TV advertising
  • 6 owned TV channels
  • 220+ owned retail stores
  • thousands of retail distributors
  • 16 million catalogs annually
  • 70+ million calls handled daily

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