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Introduction to Our Brands

Discover a wealth of new sales opportunities with Studio Moderna's brands

The foundation for Studio Moderna’s early successes stemmed from one of our own brands, a simple but highly effective back pain relief device called Kosmodisk. We have since expanded the Kosmodisk range, and have added other significant brands to our portfolio.

Dormeo is an international range of bedding and lifestyle products and Bigfish folding bike is a new and innovative folding bike, while Wellneo and Delimano represent the next generation of Studio Moderna brands.

The impact of our brands is not limited to countries only within Central & Eastern Europe and we enjoy great success around the world in markets such as USA, Japan, UK, Korea, Australia, France, Italy. When you invest in our brands, you receive multi-channel sales and marketing support, plus a wealth of expertise, advice and customer service that will enable you to maximise every sales opportunity.

If you are a retailer, wholesaler or TV shopping professional looking for excellent brands that come with full support, wherever in the world you are, please contact us below.

Dormeo Kosmodisk Bigfish
Wellneo Delimano