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Access our direct-selling network

Studio Moderna can be the key to making your brand or product a success in Central & Eastern Europe.

We sell lifestyle, electronics, health & fitness, beauty, wellness, and kitchen & household products in 20 markets, across all sales channels.

Studio Moderna is the distributor of choice for all the major global direct response marketing companies and have been responsible for all the major DRTV product winners in the region. We also work directly with manufacturers from Europe and Asia. Our speciality is in turning consumer brands and products into household names.

At any given time we have thousands of products in our roster. Our fully integrated in-house product management system has over 500 daily users in the Studio Moderna network, and provides live information about every single product.

All we need from product suppliers is the product information, the relevant documents and samples, and we do the rest. We can even organize everything required for testing new products (local product approvals, translations, production of marketing materials for all sales channels).

Become a supplier

Studio Moderna can be your single entry point to 400m Central & Eastern European consumers hungry for innovative products. We are always looking for mass-market products with unique selling points.

If you are a manufacturer, inventor or distributor and would like to sell a product through our CEE network, please fill in as much of the product supplier submission form as you can.

Should you wish to discuss rights for individual countries please contact the local Studio Moderna office directly.


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