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Association Memberships

Studio Moderna is a proud and active member of key trade associations.


The Direct Marketing Association (DMA) is the leading global trade association of businesses and nonprofit organizations using and supporting multichannel direct marketing tools and techniques. DMA advocates industry standards for responsible marketing – both online and offline, promotes relevance as the key to reaching consumers with desirable offers, and provides cutting-edge research, education, and networking opportunities to improve results throughout the end-to-end direct marketing process.


Representing a $300-billion+ market, the Electronic Retailing Association (ERA) is the only trade association that represents the global leaders of the direct-to-consumer marketplace—companies which use the power of direct response to sell goods and services on television, online and on radio. ERA’s members practice a sophisticated and accountable marketing methodology, leveraging video and audio to compel a direct and measurable response.

ERA works hard to protect the regulatory and legislative climate of direct response while ensuring a favorable landscape that enhances direct response marketers’ ability to bring quality products and services to the consumer. In addition, the association strives to promote thought leadership and the sharing of knowledge to advance the direct response industry, as well as to facilitate relationships that help members to drive their businesses’ growth and profitability.

Studio Moderna co-Founder and President Branimir Birkljac held the position of ERA Europe Chairman of the Board between 2008-09. CEO Eivind Schackt is currently a Board Member of ERA Europe