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Studio Moderna operates in 20 countries in Eastern and Central Europe. Choose your country by clicking on the map or from left-hand navigation.


OOO Studio Moderna

Ul. Kantemirovskaya 58
115477 Moscow

Phone:+7 495 730 02 01
Fax: +7 495 730 02 03

Managing Director
Zoran Vuksanovič

Capital City: Moscow

Population: 141,927,297

Languages: Russian official, 27 others co-official in various regions.

Ethnic Groups: Russians 79.8%, Tatars 3.8%, Ukrainians 2%, Bashkirs 1.2%, Chuvashes 1.1%, Chechens 0.9%, Armenians 0.8%, other 10.4%

GDP: $2,219 trillion

GDP (per capita): $15,807

Currency: Ruble