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National Champion in the category Environmental and Social Responsibility

Studio Moderna d.o.o. nominated for a prestigious Ruban D'Honneur award at The European Business Awards.


Dormeo octaspring promises to shake up industry with aggressive plan to market unusual foam spring mattress

Last year, in an aggressive campaign to establish a foothold in North America for its Dormeo Octaspring brand, Studio Moderna Brands began assembling and distributing its mattresses in the United States.


With An Open Innovation to Success

Prof. Henry Chesbrough, ranked on Thinkers50 list – the definitive global ranking of management thinkers – lectured to over 170 business leaders ...


Studio Moderna: Slovenia’s multi-channel retailer, going global

'A spring out of foam! The first time in history!” he says, eyes wide. “A mattress made from Octaspring is lighter, more adjustable and uses 30 per cent less material.


Dormeo Octaspring infomercial wins top industry award

Las Vegas, 14 Sept 2012. Specialty mattress manufacturer Dormeo Octaspring has won a prestigious Electronic Retailing Association (ERA) ‘Moxie Award’ for its “Octaspring: Sleep Is Beautiful” infomercial.