club 5

So much more than loyalty

Club5* is a multi-brand loyalty program that provides customized benefits to Studio Moderna’s most loyal customers. By joining Club5* customers are entitled to immediate personalized shopping experience including various discounts, exclusive products, prices and deals, free postage, longer money back guarantee, external partners benefits, and last but not least a valuable welcome and also birth day gift.

Premium or exclusive? You choose!

In 2018 Club5* was renewed; now offering two different membership types - Premium and Exclusive. The customers can to choose the one that suits most to their shopping habits and needs. The members are also entitled to more personalized offers and privilege treatment such as special events, special campaigns and Club5* special offers, creating lifetime shopping experience.

More than 1.5 Million Club5* members

The story of Club5* has started with one lucky member in November 2006 in Slovenia, while it reached the milestone of 1.5 million customers in January 2018. The reason for ever increasing number of Club5* members is well developed marketing database and also innovative customer development activities. Striving for deeper understanding of customer preferences, habits and needs is the key to the creation of a unique multi-channel shopping experience in the future.

Brand History

2006 - The first Club5* membership was sold in November 2006 in Slovenia
2009 - All Studio Moderna countries have launched Club5*
2017 - The first Multinational and Multichannel Club5* Campaign »Reach for the Stars« took place
2018 - Club5* reached 1.5 Million customers in January 2018
2018 - New concept of Club5* was launched in January 2018, offering two membership types, for different customer needs