Shop at Top Shop

TOP SHOP® multichannel selling proposition for 3rd party TV shopping products and Studio Moderna brands. Its mission is to make every day, routine tasks easier by offering innovative, but at the same time simple products and solutions. The focus of TOP SHOP® brand is not only on products, but on entire shopping experience, making it simple, easy to understand, convenient, safe and trustworthy.

Wide range of products that make your life easier

TOP SHOP® brand offers innovative and creative products from different categories: home improvement and cleaning, sports and recreation, health and beauty and more. Convenient shopping every day!

Brand History

1996 - Launch of the first TOP SHOP® commercial on TV in Slovenia
1996 - 2000 - Geographical expansion
2000 - Launch of TOP SHOP® website
2002 - The first TOP SHOP® retail store open in Slovenia
2003 - The first cooperation with Wholesale partner in Slovenia and Croatia
2005 - The first TOP SHOP® catalogue issued.
2009 - Launch of the first 24/7 TOP SHOP® TV Channel in Russia (Homeshopping).