Lipstick, cosmetics and more!

The Pink Panda brand understands women. It understands what women need and how they want to feel. When they look in the mirror, they want to see the best version of themselves, to emphasise their advantages and hide their disadvantages. And while doing so, they can depend on the Pink Panda brand.

Pink Panda is an ally to women who can’t imagine their lives without makeup, and a best friend to those who are just getting to know makeup and can’t navigate the world of powders, liners, lipsticks and mascaras.

We believe that you deserve the best so we guarantee a wide selection of cruelty-free cosmetics with 100% guarantee. Our cosmetics are colourful and include a variety of brands, and every order is rewarded with a useful gift.

Deciding to be truly there for our customers

Our marketing strategy is best described with our in-house wording »commercetainment«. It’s a portmanteau of the words e-commerce and entertainment, and it means that an excellent attitude can turn our potential customers into buyers. We insist on an unobtrusive and friendly relationship with open and direct communication and we always address customers by their names, in a relaxed tone accompanied with useful content.

And most importantly: we want to be close to our customers. We offer them trends and working hard to change the general opinion that makeup is only for privileged women. We create plenty of free advice and help people via chat, email and publishing free e-books and videos.

Quality products and outstanding service

The Pink Panda brand was founded in 2010 by Maja Švener and Gregor Koprivnik, young entrepreneurs with a strong desire to build a different kind of company – one that treats its customers differently.

Maja: “I was one of many women that tend to get confused as they take their first steps into the world of lipsticks, mascaras, eyeliners... and I wished someone would explain that new world to me. What I really missed was a store where you could get an honest advice, understand which products are right for you and how to apply them. There was nothing like that on the market before, so Gregor and I started building it.

Gregor: “We were courageous enough to start our own story, knowing that luck is always with brave and hardworking people. Despite rapid growth and market expansion, our mission never changed. Every day we strive to make our customers happy with quality cosmetic products at affordable prices accompanied by outstanding service.

Since 2016, Studio Moderna has been a major shareholder of the Pink Panda brand. We all firmly believe that our strategic partnership will enable Pink Panda’s transition to new levels.

Brand History

2010 - founding Lič company in Slovenia
2013 - expanding to Hungary and Croatia
2014 - expanding to Czech Republic
2015 - expanding to Slovakia and Italy
2016 - expanding to Germany, over 350.000 parcels sent
2017 - expanding to Romania, France, and Bulgaria, 200.000 customers, over 100.000 items sold monthly