30 years of Studio Moderna


The founding year

After a success with a computer company, which was established with a group of friends, Livija Dolanc and Sandi Češko started in April 1992 their small family company. Company was launched in Slovenia with the idea to start a distribution of Kosmodisk®, a product against back pain. Livija and Sandi were sharing a great passion for perfection and being the best in the business. They built a winning business model and surrounded themselves with a great team, which led us to the top. 

In 1993 and 1994 Branimir Brkljač and Daniel Hubman have joined Studio Moderna, which has grown into one of the leading brand oriented and omni-channel direct-to-consumer retailer in Central and Eastern Europe.


The first products

Our first success came through a back-pain relief device named Kosmodisk®. We were able to leverage the power of genuine satisfied customers to help generate a huge demand for this simple but highly effective product. In 1993 Kosmodisk® was followed by launching Viva, the monthly magazine for healthy living. 


First step in geographic expansion: Croatia


The beginning of Top Shop and Direct Response Television (DRTV)

From a product driven company we started with a retail business model, launching teleshopping.  We started selling traditional DRTV products under Top Shop brand and instantly achieved great success with our first hero products.


International expansion of Top Shop

In April 1997 Top Shop was launched in Slovakia followed by opening Warsaw office in October 1997 which was the start of rapid geographical expansion into Eastern Europe. 


The first Top Shop store opened in Budapest, Hungary


The first Top Shop products introduced in retail chains / wholesale


Major geographical expansion throughout Central and Eastern Europe

  • 1994 New offices in Macedonia
  • 1996 New offices in Bulgaria and Serbia&Montenegro
  • 1997 New offices in Poland and Slovakia
  • 1998 New offices in Hungary
  • 1999 New offices in Bosnia&Herzegovina
  • 2000 New offices in The Czech Republic
  • 2002 New offices in Russia and Kosovo
  • 2003 New offices in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Albania and Romania
  • 2004 New offices in Ukraine
  • 2010 New offices in Moldova, Montenegro

Innovative DRTV marketing approach with IBM Aptiva line of products

IBM Aptiva project was a first premium third party brand which was launched with a huge success. In many ways it was an inspiration and experience for our own brands which have followed later.

With DRTV we instantly increased IBM's sales of personal computers as well as their market share.



After a decade of experience in DRTV, hundreds of innovative products and thousands of stories told by our satisfied customers we saw an opportunity to create our own brands. This is when Dormeo was born. Great quality, new product features which were not found in traditional retail, new way of distribution model and perfect service with competitive prices were perfect ingredients for instant success and Dormeo quickly became the leading sleep brand in most of our markets.


Launch of the first Top Shop e-commerce site


Print sales channel

First Top Shop catalogue was published in Hungary in Autumn of 2006.


Launch of our first Homeshopping TV channel in Russia


Telemarketing sales channel

In 2009 we started our Telemarketing sales channel. With vast customer database which has been growing ever since we started our direct marketing business and the right approach, we used this new sales channel to its full potential and instantly reached outstanding results. Today telemarketing is one of our strongest sales channels.


New brands: Wellneo, Delimano, Rovus, LiveActive, Walkmaxx

Based on the Dormeo success story many new brands have followed. They are the backbone of our successful growth and expansion on international markets.   


Expansion to Kazakhstan

New brand: Pink Panda

Since 2016, Studio Moderna has been a major shareholder of the Pink Panda brand.


Full acquisition of Pink Panda brand

In 2021, Studio Moderna fully acquired Pink Panda brand.


Studio Moderna Holdings acquired by Studio Moderna Founders

In April 2022, Studio Moderna's original founder, Sandi Češko, fully acquired Studio Moderna back from the investment funds.


Today and tomorrow

Studio Moderna case study is used at the Harvard Business School and on many other business school programs globally.

Today we are a leading omni-channel e-commerce and direct-to-consumer platform in Central and Eastern Europe, with a vertically integrated network, reaching more than 160 million consumers across 19 markets. We are the only European omni-channel company with proprietary product sourcing, portfolio of own brands, strong e-commerce, TV infomercial production know-how & in-house creative agency, own contact management centers and multi-media strategy.

We are a team of around 5000 people dedicated to service our customers wherever they want to reach us. Studio Moderna is a customer-driven company that is focused on further developing distribution networks, video content, brand management, and customer-relationship management.