A vital part of our omni-channel mix

With catalogues, magazine ads, direct mail, package inserts, unaddressed mail, leaflets, flyers, brochures and more, print channel is a vital part of our omni- channel mix. Each year we distribute more than 20 million catalogues to customers' doorsteps throughtout CEE. Every month we produce more than 100 print ads with placements targeted towards direct sales, lead generation and brand building. As important support for the print channel we also use SMS to communicate with our customers and send reminders on special print offers, coupons, in-store activities and more.

Innovative approaches revitalising a traditional sales channel

People are bombarded with hundreds of advertising messages every day, therefore we have to be innovative to set us apart from the competition as well as to turn our customers into repeat buyers. We make our catalogues and magazine ads engaging by including different interactive elements – scratch cards, crosswords, secret offer cards and gifts with every purchase. With this kind of interactive activities we managed to revitalize our print channel, keeping it profitable throughtout the years.

Connecting with B2B partners and magazines

We constantly work on improving our relationship with publishing houses in our Studio Moderna markets, and together we are always looking for new ways of cooperation that bring mutual benefits. We cooperate with local magazines throughout Central and Eastern Europe, engaging their readers to play promotion games with stickers, collect puzzle pieces or scratch off the enclosed cards in hopes of winning discounts. These activities bring new customers for us and more frequent readers for the magazines.