The secret of our success: agent + database + right offer

Telemarketing is one of our strongest sales channels. It enables us to create on- going relationships with our customers and increase customer satisfaction and loyalty. We have 39 local contact management centers with more than 3.900 well-trained agents, supervisors and project managers. Every day we get in touch with more than 100.000 customers from our vast database, giving them an offer they can't refuse.

Specialists in inbound and outbound

We invest time, money and effort into agent training programs to equip our agents with top sales and customer-service skills and knowledge to perform inbound and outbound activities and meet the increasing expectations of our customers. We do outbound, as well as inbound activities, supporting our omni- channel approach. By providing outstanding service, our agents are crucial in building relationships with our customers and vital for our business.

Supported with sophisticated IT tools

In the nature of our business is that we measure everything. We use advanced software and analytic tools which enable us to carefully follow and track relevant data, important main and supportive KPIs which enable us to measure efficiency on all levels and take appropriate actions to be more profitable and relevant to our customers, as well as employees.